Neolithic Revolution

Join the Neolithic Revolution and you wont regret it

If you join the neolithic Revolution you get advantages

If you join we can offer you a variety of advantages. For example we grow our own crops (food), that way we don't just look around. We also settle down in one place. That we are not just moving around, growing crops, then leaving them. The places where they settle down can also be used to store the crops that are ready, that way it doesn't take that much room outside.

We have a lot to offer you if you join the Neolithic Revolution

We make clothing out of the animals that we have. We control our animals, and plants by domestication. We also believe in gods with the four elements-air, water, fire, and earth.

They have also improved their tools and hunting

One of the ways that they improved their tools and hunting way by using spears. For example when you use a spear you can throw it from far away and still catch the animal, and you wont have the risk of getting harmed. They also started hunting in groups. The reason why I think they did that is because if one of them gets hurt they can help them. If there was only one hunting, if they get hurt no one will know where they are, or if they are in danger.