Academic Vocabulary Assessments

Nick Ulecka


  • Grade 5 Science
  • Content Objective: Students will analyze and comprehend the aspects that make up an ecosystem.
  • Lesson Overview: The students will split up into pairs and select a general ecosystem (rain forest, desert, polar). The students will conduct research on their selected ecosystem. They will then create a diagram to explain the many aspects of their particular ecosystem, using the proper science terminology.

Target Vocabulary Words

  1. Carnivore
  2. Community
  3. Habitat
  4. Population
  5. Ecosystem
  6. Biome
  7. Producer
  8. Symbiosis
  9. Environment
  10. Herbivore

How to Review Academic Vocabulary Words

  • Use flashcards with the words on one side and the definition with a picture on the other side. Randomly review the flashcards for memorization. Can occur before, during, or after the lesson.
  • Have the student draw a unique picture that corresponds to each vocabulary word. Can occur after the lesson.
  • The student can create a concept map of each vocabulary word, drawing arrows to indicate the relationships between the new vocabulary words, and vocabulary words already known. Can occur before, during, or after the lesson.
  • Have the students play a vocabulary bingo where the vocabulary words are put on a bingo board. The teacher would give an example of the word or define the word, then the student would have to find it on the bingo board. Normal bingo rules would then apply. Can occur after the lesson.

Formative Assessment

During the class period, the student would create a concept map explaining the relationships between the vocabulary words and their definitions. The student would complete a new concept map for each of the ten vocabulary words, relating the new vocabulary words to concepts that he or she already knows. The map can include pictures, diagrams, definitions, and/or examples. During this, the teacher can use scaffolding to assist the student.

Summative Assessment

Following the unit and lesson on ecosystems, the student will take an assessment. The first part will be matching each of the ten vocabulary words with its correct definition. Then the student will have to provide a real life example of each of the vocabulary words, through writing.