• Weathering is the breaking down of rocks.
  • The three types of weathering are :
  • Chemical - the breaking down of rocks caused by chemical interactions.
  • Physical - the breaking down of rocks caused by temperature.
  • Biological - the weakening of rocks by plant growth.


  • Erosion is the moving of the broken down rock.


  • Soil consists of anything in the top two layers of the Earth's surface.
  • Farmers use soil to grow plants that produce food. The nutrients give the plants a chance to grow to be used for food and anything else that can be farmed.
  • The soil that is found in North Carolina is Cecil soil which is high in nutrients and it is capable of growing many different things such as corn, grain, cotton, and tobacco.

  • There are a lot of different ideas for soil conservation but the one I think is most effective is crop rotation. This is when farmers switch up the crops that they plant and alternate to bring back nutrients and add a few more.


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