By: Annabelle Kim

The Basics of Christianity

The followers of Christianity are called Christians, because they follow Jesus Christ, founder of Christianity. The Christian's Sabbath is Sunday because it's God's rest day after creating the world.The Holy Trinity is God of the father, son, and Holy Spirit. The role of Jesus Christ was to be the Son of God. Baptism is the ceremony of introduction towards Christianity. The Holy Communion recreates Jesus at the Last Supper. A Priest, Pastor, Preacher, or a Minister all are types of worship leaders. The Bible is the Christian's holy book. Christmas is celebrated for Jesus's birthday. Easter is celebrated for Jesus's death and resurrection from the dead. A holy place is called Church in Christianity. Some types of sects are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant.

Other Information about Christianity(and 2 other religions)

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have one person in common besides God- The Bible Abraham. The view of God of these three religions are common because they all share the same God- the God of Abraham, the founder of Judaism.