Internet safety

How to be safe online

Are you being safe online? Are you talking to anyone you don't know?

Rules to be safe

-Don't talk to anyone online if you don't know who they are

-Never give out your personally information

-Make sure you are on the sites you're appose to be on

-Make your profile private

-If you come across anything inappropriate

-Never agree to meet with anyone if they ask you

Things you should do on the internet.

If your on social media make sure your friends with your parents and people you know and trust. Make your profile private. If you don't you may be hacked and stalked. Post things that's appropriate for your age. Don't post mean things about other people. If you see something inappropriate you just keep on going don't stop and look at it, but tell your parents. If someone is posting mean things about you, tell an adult you trust.

Here are videos that happens when you talk to someone on online you don't know and agree to meet them.

Professor Garfield-Internet Safety (Part 1/2)
Professor Garfield-Internet Safety (Part 2/2)