Capital High Staffulty Newsletter

03/25 - 03/30

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Upcoming Events & Reminders

Monday, March 25th - JV Baseball Tournament @ Meridian High (Meridian JV Tournament) 7:00 pm

Tuesday, March 26th - Grades Due by 8:00AM, Building Instructional & Tech Leads Training 8:30-11:30AM, Leadership Team Meeting 3:30 Library, JV Baseball @ Timberline High 4:00 pm, Varsity Track Meet @ Borah High 4:360 pm, JV Track Meet @ CHS vs Borah High 4:30 pm, Varsity Tennis @ Borah High 4:30 pm

Wednesday, March 27th - Choice PLC 7:30AM, JV Baseball @ CHS vs Borah High 4:00 pm,

Thursday, March 28th -Varsity Track Meet @ CHS vs Boise High 4:30 pm, JV Track Meet @ Boise High 4:30 pm, Varsity Baseball @ CHS vs Rigby High 6:00 pm (Bucks Bags Tournament) Varsity Tennis @ CHS vs Boise High 4:30 pm, JV Tennis @ Boise High 4:30 pm

Friday, March 29th - Fire Drill 8:45AM, Varsity Baseball @ CHS vs Twin Falls High 3:30 pm(Bucks Bags Tournament) Softball @ Sugar Town Tournament - Nampa TBD, JV & Varsity Track Meet (Tri-Meet) Varsity Baseball @ CHS vs South Salem High 6:00 pm

Saturday, March 30th - Varsity Baseball @ CHS vs Ridgevue High 3:30 pm(Bucks Bags Tournament) Softball @ Sugar Town Tournament - Nampa TBD,


Please note the change in the EOC testing schedule for Semester 2 for all the high schools. Testing periods will remain on the same day but Tuesday will be a full day versus a half day. Questions please see Sandy.
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March 27 Choice PLC Sign Up

Please note NO SCHOOL OFFERINGS this week but please note your plans on the sign up sheet. Thank you.

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Reminder to send your Department Chair evidence of the following WICOR strategies. Dept Chairs, please make a note for admin on who still needs to provide evidence of strategies by the end of the month. As always, if you need clarity or help with evidence collection, Brett Twiss or any admin are available to help.Below are example of how to collect evidence for the following WICOR strategies:

    • February (Reading/Writing) - one example of each strategy per teacher.

    • March (Inquiry) - one example of the strategy per teacher

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Schoolwide Goal Setting SMART Goals

Teachers, please make sure your students have viewed the Academic SMART Goals Kick Off and the Personal SMART Goal wrap up videos. They should have been shown prior to spring break but if you didn't get to it, please make sure to now. It is important all students get access to the goal we are working on for the year. Questions, see Carla Zumwalt, Caleb Mattravers or admin for help. It's been fun to hear success stories with our staffulty and student goal setting.