Adults vs Teens: Social Media

By: Grace Davis & Jada Heroff

Parents are always nagging their kids about using too much social media..But do they use it the same or maybe even more than we do? Lets find out! (Warning: prepared to be a little shocked)

Lets start with teens...

Lets see how many teens use social media and what they are

-More than 9 out of 10 teens use social media

-76% of teens use instagram

-59% percent use Twitter

-45% of teens use facebook which means the other 55% is mostly adults

-Pintrest and Tumblr were at a little over 20%

-8% don't use a social network

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Lets find out what social media adults use!

-71% of adults use Facebook

-23% of adults use twitter

-26% use Instagram

-28% use Pinterest

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