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for Services – What It Takes

Here at GenieJi, we are a bunch of scientist with great empathy towards our consumer pain points. We spend a lot of time understanding and talking to customers, understanding the nuances, analyzing the professional ecosystem, structuring the information – all to deliver what’s needed and beyond.

What is our product? It’s us and what we do as a whole, it’s the 360° experience we deliver, it’s how we bring about consumer delight. Quality, trust, relevance, speed, and convenience – a mixture of all the ingredients required to fulfill your needs with our trusted professionals.

Product experience is not about using an app with a few pretty screens and well-placed buttons, rather, it’s how we make you feel as a consumer, it’s about the emotions experienced, and the satisfaction delivered. In the making of this experience lies a whole bunch of work processes in the background, and here is a little glimpse on how we deliver that experience.

Our product really starts to play its role much before you get to experience it. It begins right when we onboard a new service professional to our family. To surface only the most trustworthy choices, we verify all professionals and quality-approve their work and background before taking them live with us. By doing this, we ensure you don’t have to double-guess your choices. This is really how those genuine, high-quality profiles get born – We say No so you can say yes.

Your experience is also shaped by the thousands of other consumers using our platform over the months. Whom you get introduced to takes into account all the feedback, all the hires, all the price points, and all the activity, extracted into what we think might be the perfect matches. No more searching for endless lists, we do better by training our computers to do the complex and dirty part.

All this work goes into play to serve you quality professionals that can help you get things done. How do we help you with the hiring process? We know quality isn’t everything (of course, there is a lot more), then so we also reduce the time and work gone into the process and making a decision. How? Simple, really. We do the work for you. Once you give us a go ahead, we leverage our internal algorithms to search and reach out to all relevant professionals via their mobile app. This way, within a few hours, the professionals reach out to you. We just added availability and quote estimates on top of high-quality and relevant professionals. All within a few hours, for all the thousands of customers and all the thousands of professionals getting hired every single day. (Love how technology allows us to scale up so quickly.)

What’s more? Empowering you to make quick and thought through decisions. This is the part which you really see and experience. We expose all the quality information gathered about our professionals – their experience, bio, photos, reviews, personal videos; provide you with quick-access chat, and real-time quotes to accelerate your process of hiring.

Better Services Better Living!

Everything combined is the product that you experience and that makes getting things done so much easier. This is GenieJi. And this is how we help.

Mera Genie Mera Dost!