Radiant Rubies

March Stats ~ April News 2016

What an incredible March we wrapped up, ladies! I am amazed at you new gals working your businesses to the max already and so many of our seasoned consultants still rocking their businesses with consistency and strength every single month. That's what it takes! Some months are peaks and some are valleys; that's direct sales for ya but let me just encourage each one of you to keep putting yourselves out there and keep moving forward. Even one month of complete inactivity can be a set back and you'll feel like you're starting over all the time instead of building and growing and moving from one thing to the next. You'll also find yourself at risk of going inactive time and time again which can become overwhelming and frustrating. Remember the old saying if you're tired of starting over, stop quitting? Don't quit month to month! Do you know how those National Executive Directors got there? They were Consultants who never quit. Each new contact, every party, all of it leads to new doors opening for you!

Spring is a great time to go back through your previous leads and contacts and past party guests and hostesses and send a personal email or text to them and offer them a chance to party with you this month or next and give them a few dates to pick from so you can nail it down. I've always noticed this is a popular time of year for new consultants to join our sisterhood! Share the opportunity at every turn whether you're a brand new consultant yourself or you've been with us for years and have never made that connection, there are women out there ALL THE TIME looking for a fun hobby or another stream of income. Some of them need these friendships and experiences more than anything. Whatever her WHY we've got something for her!

Keep up the great work, everyone, and I hope everyone is excited for the April Better Together event being held near you and I hope each of you will prayerfully consider attending National Conference this summer in Utah or Ohio (depending where you live)! Events like these will launch your business in huge ways and develop your skills. See TOT for more info and we'll be discussing Conference more this month on our team page!

Happy Spring, Rubies!


Let's CER our March accomplishments!

Team Sales: $6,335.00

Parties: 15

Recruits: 3


~WELCOME to Lauren Bligh, Melinda Stripling, & Brittany Wills!

CONGRATS to Johanna Morgan, Heather Peoples, & Shannon Engle for sponsoring these new ladies!

~Way to go, Johanna, on becoming a Qualified Consultant in March!

~Happy March Anniversaries to Tessa Burrell, Shannon Engle, Tammy Burrell, & Jeannine Whitley!!!!!

~Happy April Anniversary to Christina Muir!

TOP PV ($600+):

Heather Peoples $1,181.50

Tessa Burrell $949.00

Relinda Yarbrough $645.00

Christina Muir $619.50


Party Girls:

Christina Muir, 2

Tessa Burrell, 2

Heather Peoples, 2

Johanna Morgan, 1

Relinda Yarbrough, 1

Amanda Richardson, 1

Amy Peterson, 1

Shaela Wise, 1

Tammy Burrell, 1

Shannon Engle, 1

Brittany Wills, 1

Casey Norris, 1


Look Who Was Selling!!!

Christina Muir

Johanna Morgan

Lauren Bligh

Relinda Yarbrough

Amanda Richardson

Jennifer Valine

Kelly Peterson

Amy Peterson

Sandra McGuire

Shaela Wise

Tessa Burrell

Tammy Burrell

Heather Peoples

Kara Marchman

Shannon Engle

Brittany Wills

Casey Norris

Jeannine Whitley

What a list! Keep it up, everyone!

*I just want to add that April 29 will be my 3 year anniversary with Thirty-One and when I joined I had no idea what was in store for me. I wanted something fun to do for myself and any bit of extra income would be great. I read up on the new consultant info and had a chat with my sponsor/director and my first goals were to earn those free StartSwell products and along the way I added some friends to my team. I was just having fun!! One party led to a few more parties and my circles began to expand. I've tried not to rely totally on people I already knew or depend on Facebook alone to grow my business. One year later in April was my official Director promotion and I earned a $1k bonus just in time for National Conference where I walked the stage to be recognized for my achievement. Amazing, y'all! I want you to feel that someday! Which brings me to this: Thirty-One is more than just cute bags. It can bring so much into your life and you can do ANYTHING with Thirty-One you want. A hobby? Absolutely. A career? You bet you can. Nothing happens overnight. Don't get frustrated when certain things don't pan out; keep moving forward. Each new month is a clean slate. I have had some absolutely terrible months but I've never settled for a $0 PV and have never been at risk of going inactive. No matter what I've made SOMETHING happen and I promise every single one of you are capable of that and more! I pray over my business (and yours) and I balance time for working it daily. I have a husband and 3 kids (and am currently trying to sell our house) and have recently made myself dedicate more time for myself and my health and well being but my Thirty-One business still gets a block of time each day because it's a priority and we all pet and love our priorities, don't we? ;)

YOU CAN DO THIS. Focus on why you started and what you wanted to get out of this business venture. Imagine what Leadership in Thirty-One could do for you and your family. Get out of your own way and get out of your comfort zone. Consider the monetary and time sacrifice of a few days for National Conference because it's a game changer and consultants who attend statistically make more money and promote over those who do not attend. (Between now and time to go your commission can more than cover those expenses if you're working your business!) Home Office also puts on field events near you across the nation every few months hosted by Thirty-One leaders and those are absolutely doable and will also help you continue in your journey with confidence and strength! I hope and pray the best for each of you and I LOVE more than anything else I do in Thirty-One seeing you develop and succeed and promote. Thank you all for 3 amazing years and I look forward to seeing what the next 3+ has in store! <3


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