SHARP Enrichment Program

CRAVE Fun in the Sun Summer Camp

About the Program

Summer 2013 is here and our students are so excited that school is out! It is important that we teach our students the importance of still participating in forms of academic activity. The summer time is where students are more prone to experience academic loss that could potentially put them at risk to fall behind during the upcoming school year. We do not want this for our students so we want to assure that we keep students academically SHARP during camp.

What is the SHARP Program?

A program to ensure that in the summer students:

Stay on grade level.

Have practice with their standard grade level skills.

Are always challenged appropriately at their highest potential.

Reading at least 20 minutes a day.

Prepared to enter the next grade level.

Each day students will:

-Read grade level appropriate books for 20 minutes.

-Practice grade level English Language Art skills for 20 minutes.

-Practice grade level Math skills for 20 minutes.