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Exemplars-Our BEST resource to intentionally teach the Process Standards

How's it going? Please let me know how I can support you.

CFAs for Exemplars:What have you noticed about your student's learning of the first couple of processes? What are their next steps?


Kindergarten Video: Process of Problem Solving

Second Grade Video: Process of Making Connections

Third Grade Video: Process of Making Connections

Fifth Grade Video: Process of Problem Solving

Fifth Grade Video 2: Process of Making Connections

What does it look like and sound like to analyze an Exemplar CFA?

It can look and sound many different ways. Here is just one way.

Data Analysis from 1st Formative Assessment: 5th Grade

Work Stations

The teacher table/workstation component of the math block is roughly half of the math workshop. Therefore, workstations should be aligned to the TEKS. Our curriculum writers spent time ensuring that the workstations available on forethought include process standards. It is our recommendation that teams select stations from Forethought as their primary resource.

Cluster Planners in Eduphoria

  1. CURRICULUM UPDATES: We have the next round of curriculum writing next week. Lessons will not be posted for grades 3-5 until the following week for Cluster 2. K-2 has curriculum writing on September 28; lessons for Cluster 2 will be posted on October 5. If your teams are backwards planning for Cluster 2 they can use the Cluster Planner, CBA, and Scaffolding Documents to work on the following: unpack the TEKS and identify SB and TB, create CFAs, plan LS problem solving and work stations.


  1. The technology side of MSTAR has been having difficulties importing all of the students and assigning them to the correct teacher. Debbie Saldana is working on a solution. We realize the CAMP is coming right up, computer labs are being used for iStation, as well as a host of other things going on at the campus. I will send an e-mail once everything is up and running. Please do not worry if you don't get in done during the testing window.


Carrie will be here on Thursday next week to do Learning Walks on Exemplars from 8:00-11:00.


Grammar Talks

Below are some recent videos of Kinder doing Grammar Talks. You can also find these in eduphoria.

Learning Walks with Kyla on Wednesday, Sept. 23

Purpose: How are we doing with keeping our min-lessons mini?