Virtual Resume

Simantha Reid


S- By the end of my school year I would like to be qualified for a police academy so I would like to get great marks in all my law courses.


M- To help me keep track of how I will be doing this, I will make sure I know what I need to be qualified and take these courses during school. I will ensure that I am getting all 90% in every law course I take , I will keep track of these marks by checking up with my teacher for mark updates and also making sure I get awesome grades on my tests that I do in these courses. I will check up on my marks every month.


A- I will ensure that I pass all my tests and exams. Whenever I hear that there is a test in any of these classes, I will make sure I study hard enough to pass. Even if there is no test i will use at least an hour of my free time everyday to review all my notes. I will make sure when I get assignments I hand them in on time and also proof read these assignments to check for any errors. Proof reading is sometimes one of my weaknesses, I will need to work on that going forward in high school. I will make sure I ask my teacher to give me feed backs on how they think I am doing throughout the school year


R- In the future I would like to become a detective cop, This goal is important because I must have these courses in order to go to a college that will give me the qualifications to become that detective cop. Ever since I started high school this has been one of my goal that I will accomplish before the day I graduate. I believe that as long as I follow the steps i have planned out for this goal I will achieve it.


T- I plan to achieve this goal by the end of high school. I might be able do this fast and easily which is what I am planning on doing. My smaller goal is to at least past these courses so that i can get into the collage of my choice and also to get good remarks from my teacher in each course.

Volunteering Goal


By the end of high school I would like to receive 200 volunteer hours and maybe be able to be qualified to get the award for most volunteer hours.


To help me keep track of how I will get these volunteer hours I will submit volunteer application forms to all City of Brampton locations looking for volunteers. Once I get a volunteer position I will make sure I attend each session in my free time. I will also try to go more than one places for my hours.


I will check up on my work schedule to find out when I am free and I will make sure I do volunteer hours. I will volunteer as a ride along so that it will give me more experience in the job area I would like to be in.


Of course I can can achieve this goal. I feel that if I stick to my plans I will prosper,


I plan to achieve this goal by the time I finish high school. My smaller goal is to get more than 40 by the end of my high school years.
Detective cop process



I am an educated young lady, who wants to make the world a better place and I plan to do this when I get a job placement in your association. I know I will make a difference in your association because I believe I have had a lot of experience in the defense field with my previous jobs.

Skills and Abilities

I have great listening skill and I am a fast learner who is able work well with a team. I am able to adjust to any new working conditions with no problem.


Louise Arbour Secondary School

Diploma, Grade 12

Sheridan College

Brampton, Ontario

September 2013 - June 2017

September 2017- June 2019


Honor Roll student for 2 years in a row

June 2016

Work Experience


Marble Slab Creamery

Taking orders from customers, mixing ice cream, and operating cash register.

Brampton, Ontario

March 2016 - July 2019

Volunteer Experience

Brampton Soccer Center Volunteer

Brampton Soccer Center

Brampton, Ontario

March 2016 - April 2016

Extra Curricular


We won multiple games every season we played. Placed second in the Region of Peel in the year 2017.

March 2016 - June 2017


Certified in First Aid

August 2016

Hobbies and Interest

I enjoy playing rugby for fun, I enjoy surfing the internet socializing with friends and family. I love meeting new people and learning new things.


Anita, Boss, Marble Slab Creamery, (905) 799-2080

Kaitlyn D’ Lima Volunteer Specialist, Brampton Soccer Center, (905) 458 4036

Challenges and Solution

As we all know when you have your dream job there will surely be some challenges that you may need to overcome. As a police officer I will face a lot of difficult challenges some of which may include, the type of people that I may deal with on a daily basis. As a police officer I will be dealing with “people that are on drugs, have mental problems, and might also be carrying weapons that are dangerous to me as an officer.” These people may be harmful to us officers because they sometimes are not conscious about what they are doing. People who are suffering from mental issues may not actually know that the police is trying to help them and they may react in a very defensive way, “in some cases they can become very combative.” Due to the severity of this challenge officers are mostly advised to watch their back a keep a clean eye out for these type of people and make sure they are aware of their surroundings.

Another challenge that police officers face is not being able to eat very healthy. This may sound weird but as a police officer you do not really have the time to eat enough healthy food, reason being because you may work late shifts. Late shifts are when you have to work over night, this may mean that you are not able to go home and have a healthy dinner. When you work over night the only places that are open are fast food restaurants and gas station these places don’t sell healthy choice foods, so you have nothing else to eat rather than snacks basically. As a police officer I will solve this minor problem by packing myself a healthy dinner when I know I am going to work late instead of buying snacks from these fast food restaurants and gas stations.

Police officers also face the sight of people dying on a daily basis, which is a big challenge. This may happen when a police department responds to a 911 call about a shooting, they may arrive at the scene and get involved in a shootout with the shooter, and they may also see someone battling for their life, being covered in blood and even crying. Any human being would find this somewhat sad imagine how a police officer would feel about seeing this almost every day. As a police officer when you work for a specific region they have counselling for workers who are having trouble with what they see during their work day, they can go there and talk to a counselor about their issues and get help from them. As a police officer facing these issues this is what I will do.

In concluding being a police officer is difficult it has many challenges but as I go along I will make it my duty to find a way to solve each and every one of them. Many people say being a police officer is difficult which is not a lie but if you take it as it comes and deal with it the best way possible you are more than likely to be successful and you job will become easier and fun!.