By:Anna Shoultz

Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. Benefits of a Public Incorpartion

Easy to expand and grow.

There is limited liability.

Four Facts

There are now about 730 mall stores, but there used to be 950 several years ago.

They sell several name brands, and also a lot of private-label merchandise.

Started as a surf shop, then included men's clothing, and finally included women's clothes in 1995.

Called Pacsun or Pacific Sunwear.


Founded by Tom Moore as a surf shop in 1980. Later, they sold men's, then women's clothing. Because of these changes, the company expanded a lot. the company continued to expand, but is now going through a rough period.

Would I invest in Pacsun?

No, at least not right now. They have been having to close a lot of stores due to money issues, so that would not be my best option.