By: Mitchell Burkart

Why Entrepreneurship ?

I choose Entrepreneurship because there is so much opportunity in this vast field of business. I also like the fact of you are your own boss. This appeals to me because I find it exciting that you can make a make or break decision for your company. There is something about starting a business from the ground up that would make you appreciate your job so much more.


Entrepreneurship is someone who starts their own company or business. Starting a restaurant is the most interesting to me because I like to make people happy and when you own a good restaurant mostly everyone there is having a good time.


School can help you get a big edge on the on the game of business because if you go into trying to start a business with no clue on what you're doing it will beat you up. So some course and clubs in our school can help you with getting into business and entrepreneurship such as Personal Financing, FBLA, Entrepreneurship and Sports marketing.


What is the best part of owning your own business?

“ That's a good question, think the best part is being your own boss. Not having to take orders from a boss makes the job less stressful.”

What is the most fun thing to do on the job?

“ I like it when we have a packed house because I love knowing that all those people are all paying money which therefore equals a bigger check.”

What was the biggest struggle to conquer?

“ The biggest trouble for us was finding the money to start a restaurant because you need money to make money”

What was your backup plan if you failed?

“ Good question. We really didn't have a backup plan now to think about it. I mean find a office job working the 9-5.”

What is the work hours like owning a business?

“ The hours are kinda hard, you work almost everyday but it's worth owning your own business.”


You can go to college to get a degree in business which will help you get a loan from the bank but you do not need to go to college to start a restaurant. Getting a degree will help you in the long run but it is not needed to start your own business.
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