How to get to the park from BPC

Have you ever got lost looking for angel's park? well you'll b e there in know time with my directions.


1.Start at 88 Baden Powell Drive.

2.Keep walking East until you get to the kindergarden.

3.Cross the road until you are on the other side.

4.Once you have crossed the road,keep walking South along the footpath until you get to the end of the school.

5.When you come to the end of the school you will see a grey rock wall that will be the creek.

6.Keep walking along the path and you will come to monkeybars.

7.When you get to the park,you will see a sign that says Angels park

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So that's how you get to the beautiful angel's park from Baden Powell Dr I hope you enjoy playing at angel's park


1.Face South, and start walking along .

2. Keep walking until you see a big clearing.

3. Cross the road to the right side.

4.Walk across the big clearing through to trees.

5. After a little while,you will get to the foothpath

6.Walk south till you get to a bridge.

7. Walk across the bridge and you are at the park

So that's how you use the shortcut to get to the park much quicker but if you go the longer wy you could ride your scooter,skateboard or other transportation.