CR West Week 13

To Know God and to Make Him Known

Welcome Back

It was great to see everyone yesterday! I think both the moms and the kids enjoyed reuniting, sharing stories, and getting back into the swing of things. As you probably noticed we have shifted gears again in relation to Science and Fine Arts. For Science we are doing experiments again with the focus on the scientific method and getting the kids to ask good questions. For Art we are studying Great Artists with the focus on the technique each artist used rather than creating a masterpiece. I would encourage you to embrace these changes in Science and Fine Arts as well as to think about setting some goals for your child's presentation. Now that the kids have had a semester of presentations it's time to evaluate what they are doing well and how they can improve. Set a simple goal like "speak for two minutes," "prepare better at home," or "make more eye contact". Share this goal with your tutor so she can help you to stay on track. I'll be talking more on this during opening next week.

Egg Painting Technique (Giotto)

Mom's Night Out at Sienna

Friday, Jan. 29th, 7pm

Sienna Restaurant, downtown Castle Rock

Let's get the next Mom's night on the calendar! We will be going to Sienna on Friday, January 29th. Let's meet at 7pm. This way, those who want to do dinner can and those who prefer to eat before and meet for dessert, coffee or drinks, can! Please RSVP to Nakia.

CC Info Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 6:30-8:30pm

Castle Rock, CO, United States

Castle Rock, CO

I am hosting an Info Meeting for new and returning CC families. Please RSVP to me directly for more details.