Globalization and Education

Trends, Challenges, & Issues

1. Communication - Trend

Communications between students from different cultures is rapidly increasing with the expansion of the internet and cell phone technology. People who would never communicate in past generations are now able to have one-to-one conversations through web applications and video games.

2. Economy - Threat

Movement towards a global society may lead to major changes in the local economy. As resourses move from industrialized nations to developing ones, there is the threat of America falling behind as tries to catch up in newly created job markets.

3. Job Skills - Issue

Students today are going to be asked to different things in the job market than what they are asked to do in the classroom. Most American students today are taught using traditional models that do not empahasize creativity or problem solving. Workers in a global society need to be able to solve problems and work independently as competition increases on a global level.

4. Cultural Diversity = Trend

As globalism continues to spread, cultural diversity will become more prevelent in society. Diversity and tollerism are already important in society but increased immigration and changes in the job market make it neccessary to be contiously aware of other cultures.

Equality = Challenge

The opportunities for women to succeed will increase in a global society but there is always the threat of male bias attempting to bring them down.