The tundra has perma frost all year around

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The tundra is in the very northern part, of the northern hemisphere

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-The tundra does not receive much precipitation in fact it gets 6-10 inches per year. It is dryer than the driest desert

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Even the summer does not warm the tundra by much. The summer only last 6-10 weeks, and never gets above 45-50 degrees farenhight.

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Here is one of the animals of the tundra

-The wolf which is a heavily pelted mammal that can take the cold temps of the tundra. He feeds on the prey he finds or kills. They are really good scavengers cause of the nose.

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The tundra is not the greatest place to grow plants because of it perma frost. Perma frost occures about a finger length under the soil during the summer time.