Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We treat everyone like family

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We can help you prepare!

  • 100% Satisfaction or your money back
  • Free personal planning available
  • Large on site parking, right off the expressway
  • Every families needs are served
  • Exclusive Bereavement Support Programs
  • Multilingual staff serving a wide variety of cultures, customs, and traditions

Family owned business for 90 years

We have been happily serving the community for 90 wonderful years. We take pride in our company and our main goal is providing good customer service for everyone we meet.
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Peace of mind payment options:

  • Cash/Credit Cards
  • Insurance Death Benefits - Assignments
  • Pre-Payment Plans
  • Insurance-based Plan

And now we just added Trust-based Pre-Payment Plans.
TRUST is a great word. You see it on coins, investment companies, and banks. It has a solid feel to it, and that is the intention, to make you ... well ... trust. You pay in money, the money goes on deposit in an interest-bearing account, and when your time comes, voila! the trust is there to defray funeral costs.