Cinderella vs. Yeh-shen


Yeh-Shen's parent's died so the Step-mom was jelas of her beauty so she got the hard chores. the step-mom killed her pet fish and ate it. Yeh-Shen kept the bones the bones had magic . the bones helped her to the feast she lost a shoe and marries the king.

Story Sumeries

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First, Cinderella's Mom die's then the dad re-marries to a evil person with two daughter's soon after that dad die's. So the full evil unleashed! So Cinderella got the hard chores. They lived in a cottage. Everybody went to the ball, even Cinderella sneaked to the ball. She married the prince.

same differant

both loose a shoe, marry someone, go to a special place,evil step family,dead parent's magic fish, fairy god-mother. feast,ball. two step-sister's,one step-sister.

Reader's Review

My favorite one is Cinderella,because it's funny how much trouble the slipper caused.