Planets that are Visible from Earth

By : Janessa Akers

Why are you curious about this?

I wanted to know why some planets are visible from earth and why some are not.

Facts and Explanation?

1. Many of the planets are mistaken as stars because the brightness of the planets varies due to the position the planets is in.

2. The planets reflect light from the sun onto the earth. The five closest planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn can be seen from earth without a telescope.

3. It also depends on what position the planets are in and where the sun is shining on the earth on that particular night. If it is still day and the sky is still light, the planets will not be visible.

Method and tools?

Scientists watched the planets with and without a telescope for a long time and recorded the cycle of their movements.


It really depends on the placement the planets are in at that point of time, where the sun is shining on the earth and where you are looking from the location you are in.

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