Our New School Needs A Vision Plan

Our Vision Planning Committee Needs Your support & Input

Introductory Meeting

Dedicated Members of the committee Includes:

Principal - Responsibilities are to shape a vision of academic success for all students. Provide leadership and guidance for the members of the committee.

Promotes the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and developing a learning community and monitoring the success of the vision statement with the learning community.

Teachers - That have the time and motivation to provide the best education for all students. Collaborate with parents, students and school administrators.

Community Leaders - Partners with the school and provides monetary and social support for our school by providing new 21st century equipment and technology, jobs and training programs for all our students.

Parents - Helps in building trust in the leadership. Communication between home and school is essential for the partnership to grow. Support students with disabilities and ensuring that they are getting the best education

Food will be provided by our community partner Pizza Tut. Come hungry and full of ideas

Monday, May 2nd, 12-1pm

6650 West Warm Springs Road

Las Vegas, NV

The vision project meetings will begin next week in the principals conference room at a time that is convenient will all the members and the projected completion date is the week before the school begins.

The purpose of a good vision statement, is to have our students be respectful, self-disciplined, productive citizens who think critically, make informed decisions and act ethically.

With this flyer, we are hoping that it will attract commitment and energizes people in our school district and create a feeling that we in the community can provide a standard of excellence for our students to follow. Our students are the future of our community and it is up to us to provide guidance and a vision that all of us in the community can be proud of.