Brain cancer

Science 8th hour

Causes of this disease

Mostly genetic, but other things that lead to it are where you work or if you have canser at other places it can move to the brain.

What happens to the body because of the disease

Stuff as small as hearing problems and head aches to death. It matters how bad it is. Also if they would be able to treat it and take it out.

This is a non infectious disease.

It has to do with your body and the cells in it. So you can't pass that on to another person. The way you get it is if you have bad cells or if your body just gets it.


Its a cancer so just like any other you'd go thought radiation and khemo. But one of the main is surgery (depending on where its at)

Person with this

Dick Howser managed the Kansas City Royals when they won the World Series title. Then died 2 years later, and this helped to bring awareness is everyone who watch the royals new him and heard about what he died from.

Dilemma that this made

This can cause hearing seeing problems and seizures. The seizures then could lead to more problems. Also when they do surgery you could die during the surgery. Or depending on where it is in you brain the surgery could cause more problems.

Current research about this This has a lot of research about it like how there tying to make pills that help. Along with stuff that would take out the bad cells that could make the cancer.

Prognosis of this disease

With brain cancer it matters one where and how big it is. But hear are some prognosis for adults.

Direction to go to solving this dilemma

They could track people that may have this in there families or people to could have risks of having this. Then we could have more test or more treatments earlier till we find something that can stop the dilemma.