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The School Leaders' Edition: April 18th-24th

To You

There are very few school leaders that go above and beyond like you all do. During these very busy weeks of prepping or supporting during SBAC testing is clear how dedicated each one of are. At RBM this week, I was with Amy Filsinger and was reminded of the very challenging job each of you have. The job where you really need the superpower of being in at least 4 places at once.

You are all doing an incredible job and I deeply appreciate the hours, the thinking, and heart that you give each day.

Ode to Excellence - Motivational Video


SBAC Guidelines

A reminder that during SBAC Testing for Grades 3-5, we want our students to be engaging in continuous learning and mental work during these afternoons, but we should also exercise caution so that students are not struggling with testing fatigue.

  • Recommendations
    • Pick up on content that was not finished prior to the SBAC (ELA - RA/RC unit)
    • Review key concepts and key points through games such as Jeopardy
    • Practice for upcoming school events, such as Exhibition Nights
  • We will not be having lesson planning leads for G3-G5 creating lesson plans based on a SSM during these weeks, as we want to make sure that these teachers are most responsive to the needs of their students during this time.

SBAC Attendance: Getting the Word Out

Making sure that 100% of our Rocketeers are on time and present during SBAC testing days will ensure that Rocketeers feel a sense of “team” with their school community and also mitigate the need for one-off make-up testing. As you go into this week, work with your OM and send out daily OneCalls to parents reminding them that students need to be up and in school during SBAC testing days!