6 Things to Know About

School Elections

Get Personal!

Everyone likes it when you get out there and start talking about how great you are. Even if it makes them uncomfortable! You should be ready to talk to people, explain your ideas, and maybe give a few lollipops here and there for that extra oomph.

Get Creative!

Alright, listen up, that piece of paper you got from your printer with pencil markings on it isn't going to convince anyone. Instead, head to your local hardware store and get yourself one of those giant sheets of cardboard. Create a clever slogan that is just a pun of your name, throw some glitter and markers on it, and you're good to go!

Get a good reputation with everyone.

No one is going to vote for you if you're the kid who beat up someone over fifty cents. People will vote for others that are nice, funny, and personal.

Find good, reasonable policies that you would bring in.

Actually, don't, no one cares about the policies that you promise. So just go back to the poster and add even more puns to grab their attention. (Campaign Tips)

Give out speeches!

People want to hear your voice! So get out there during your lunch period and start screaming about how you're the best treasurer your elementary school has ever seen! Don't try to arrange speeches though, most likely no one will come.

I got elected! What's next?

So you actually got elected, congratulations! Now you get to do the very best part: nothing! That's right, these positions don't actually do anything, it's the staff that actually do it, you just make suggestions.
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