GaVS Latin

Magistra Argillosa

What do I do every day for Latin?

  • Check my GAVS email.
  • Check the NEWS posts.
  • Check the schedule/calendar of assignments.
  • Read and follow directions from Content.
  • Download important files, save, edit, save, submit.
  • Watch any videos in User Links

What if I don't understand something?

Check the content!

This is your "textbook." Read it through very carefully.

Read the directions again and again.

Take "notes" from your "book" or PRINT IT!

YOU are the LEARNER!

YOU must TRY to LEARN!

Plan your week at the start.

Log in everyday and see what's going on...

Languages require PRACTICE! Sooooo..... PRACTICE!

I am your teacher!

I am not a mind-reader! Come to me with good questions, specific and precise.

If you are having computer probs, watch the tutorials again! Contact Tech Support.