Paul's Case- Literary Analysis

Catie Smith 3A

Point of View

Willa uses p.o.v. to connect to the theme by having the teachers p.o.v in the beginning of the story and then in paragraph 11 it shifts to Pauls p.o.v which shows the reader why Paul is so isolated. This picture conveys the p.o.v because it is suppossed to be a teachers disapproval p.o.v.


The auther uses characterization to elucidate the theme by describing him as a tall, lean, and lonely teenage boy who feels alienated by his teachers, family and community. This picture conveys characteriztion because its a lonely teenage boy sitting in a dark hall. The dark hall represents his view of his life since he thinks it is terrible. The light is the life he dreams of.


The auther uses the setting to elucidate the theme by placing the story in New York, which is a huge state but somehow Paul is still alienated. This picture conveys setting because it is a picture of new york city at night time.


The red carnations Paul wears in his buttonholes on his shirt elucidates the theme because his teachers see the flowers as representing his continued defiance which makes them want him to feel some sort of remorse but him continuing to wear them shows that he is not. This picture conveys symbolism because the act of the flowers burial symbolizes Paul's action of suicide.


The theme elucidates the theme in the story because once Paul gets to NY he sees that his "new life" is lacking his expectations. This picture conveys the theme because it shows disappointment.