Mice and men

My smore

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time of sadness in United States of America. A lot of people lost their money. The main reason they lost their money was because of stocks. People put all there money into stocks and the stocks ended up crashing. And they also put their money into banks and the banks put there money into stocks so everyone lost their money and became very very poor

John Steinbeck

After he graduated high school he went to Stanford university (a very smart school) he stayed there for five year and then left to New York with out a degree while he was taking on weird jobs he was trying to write. He found his wife through one of his weird jobs. He kept on working and finally got is work publish and ended up making it big.Steinbeck won a Nobel prize in for literature in 1962.

Mice and men

What's it about

This is a book that is in the time of the Great Depression. It is based off of two men going around searching for jobs. This book relates to Steinbeck because this is what he did in the Great Depression. He went around looking for jobs and how to make a living

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