Mum I Love You!!!!<3

Your The BEST!!!!

The Reasons Why I Love You So Much!<3

List of reasons:

1. You give me food to eat.

2. You buy me things to play with.

3. You buy me clothes to wear.
4. You love me as much as I love you.
5. You help me in my Homework and any work I have.
6. You guide me through paths of subjects.
7. You teach me new things and take me places I have never been before.
8. You let me use your property.
9. You organise my stuff for me.
10. You help me get better when I am sick.
11. You help me get better with my eczema.
12. You show and tell me how to spell words.
13. You make sure I'm safe and don't get hurt.
14. You take the BEST care of ME.

101. The final one is that I love you and you love me so we are a happy family!