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Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

Integrative Coach, Consultant & Facilitator
Annelies is committed to helping heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and passionate professionals thrive by guiding them to raise their bar and get out of their own way through powerful conversations and interesting catalytic experiences. Each season she provides inspiring nuggets of wisdom through newsletters and upcoming events. If you find this useful, be the gift that keeps giving, share it with a friend!

A Time For Growth

The season of spring invites us to learn that what was hidden just beneath the surface now has the right conditions to emerge. Seeds that fell in autumn lay dormant until now, their gentle bright leaves peaking out from moist soil, slowly reaching for the sun. Tiny pink cherry blossoms, butter yellow daffodils and purple crocus unfold and unfurl from tightly packed buds, bursting with color and resources for butterflies who are coming soon.

Humans function like seasons of the natural world. We often tightly hold onto our energy and resources (sometimes packing on a few pounds, staying inside more, not engaging in as many activities, remaining dormant and stagnant on the couch and computer) to make it through the winter until spring when days are longer and a walk outside is more pleasant, freeing and welcoming to our senses.

Like me, you're probably pleased that spring is near! March 19th marks the first day. Most of you will experience warmer days soon. No matter where you are, now is a good time to utilize the wisdom of nature to navigate your life.

Reflect on Your Life

According to Eastern traditions, spring is a time for new growth, upward and outward movement, creativity, rebirth, organizing, clarity, forgiveness and hope. With spring comes new life. Tiny new shoots show themselves and announce, "I'm here and ready to grow!" We are also blooming and growing as we move into spring too. When you take time to examine you may be surprised at how your life is unfolding right before your eyes!

In the spirit of spring, ask yourself…

  • What’s new in your life?
  • What are you giving birth to, literally, metaphorically, symbolically?
  • What steps can you take to move what's stuck forward?

Time to Unplug

Winter can be hard on your body and spirit, especially in modern life where we're digitally connected 24/7. Mass global communication isolates us from the most fundamental method that mankind has developed for creating sustainable and trustworthy relationships: face-to-face conversation.

Most clients I coach feel isolated despite their highly "connected" lifestyles. And yet their depth of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and agitation is directly related to lack of self-care, outdoor-time and in-person connection to people.

Many people have
a very difficult time detaching from their machines and devices. Our society has become addicted to short-term bursts of validation. If you find yourself plugged-in more than ever, you may also find your stress levels higher, your overwhelm at peak, and your over-stimulated lifestyle grating at your relationships, health and monetary bottom-line. Give yourself a break. Unplug!

  • How often do you take a break from technology by unplugging for an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend?!

Camp Unplugged 2016

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Take the Unplug Challenge!

My most valuable coping tool for life and work is stepping away. What's your coping tool? Unplugging is important to me for recharge and gets me away from my often full and highly scheduled lifestyle. Unplugging gives me the strength and perspective to handle any overwhelm and stress that comes along with being an in-demand professional.

Every day I design small unplugged times into my schedule and honestly – I don't know where I would be without it! Hands-down, taking time to unplug it is one of my most valuable secret formulas to the success of my business and my well-being. When have you last unplugged?

If you find yourself grabbing your phone every few moments, unable to sit still at a stoplight without checking email, texts, tweets or FB, and don't even remember what it's like to not be tethered to a device... you may appreciate these tips on how to unplug! Start by taking a moment to disconnect to reconnect. If when you unplug you feel antsy, notice what's coming up. It's all ok!

Ready for a coaching challenge?

  • Turn your phone off when you're driving or put it in your trunk or glove box. Use those red lights to take a breath and observe the beautiful world around you.
  • Don't check email or get on the computer at all for the first 30 minutes when you wake up or the last 30 minutes before you go to bed.
  • Try a whole 24 hours without technology, that includes radio, TV, listening to music. Go old school! Go outside, make a nice meal or talk with a friend in-person!
  • Create an "Unplugged Box" for devices to be placed in during dinner. All diners must participate for this to work! (Thanks Nancy Campbell in Oahu, Hawaii!)
  • Make unplugging a FUN event with friends or family. Challenge one another!

Up for a double challenge?! Join us for CAMP UNPLUGGED : : Beach Retreat!

You're invited to get grounded and get away from the busy-ness of work and life in this unique back-to-basics nature retreat. Reboot your system and recharge your batteries with a weekend nature immersion for busy professionals who're ready to take a break! Gain community, creativity and learn easy tools on how to unplug at home and de-stress at work. Join us for a bit of peace of mind!

If you have a profound unplugged experience – share it with me! I'd love to hear how unplugging has been for you. Enjoy the peace of mind and see you at the beach!!


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Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

For more than 23 years Annelies has been challenging and inspiring people to live and work at their best through visionary practices that transform the status quo and tease out extraordinary human potential.

Annelies holds a Master's in coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health, studied conflict transformation, peace-building and expressive arts in Switzerland's European Graduate School, and is certified with the International Coaching Federation. She's also a working artist, serial entrepreneur, world traveler and highly regarded conduit for change who passionately lives for inspiring and empowering people.

Annelies is committed
to helping heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and passionate professionals raise their bar, get out of their own way and learn to lead from the inside out so that they thrive.

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