Civil War SMORE

Nathan Healey

Gods and Generals Film Analysis

Plot: This film follows the major characters of the civil war. Instead of following just one side of the fight, it follows both the Confederate and Union army, humanizing everyone involved and delivering a part of the war you may have never seen. It follows many battles, such as the Battle of Bull Run, and shows the effect it had as well as the tactics used during the encounter.

Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson- Fought for the Confederate Army. Was very patriotic and more focused on his state than his country as a whole. A very kind and likable person.

Lt. General Longstreet- Another Confederate general. Fighting for freedom against the Northern states, believing they we're being derived of their liberties.

General Robert E. Lee- Very old, and battled hardened. Good at coming up with tactics on the field. Was won of the main reasons the Union army won the war.

Lt. Colonel Joshua Chamberlain- Proffesor, goes by his morals and always tries to do the right thing. Inspires his men and the men around him.

Sgt. Buster Kilrain- Prideful soldier of the Union army. Wants to preserve the Union and forge a brighter future for America as a whole.

Jim Lewis- Cook of Stonewall Jackson during the American Civil War. Thinks highly of Jackson, and eventually forms a relationship with him and they become friends.

Gettysburg Film Analysis

Plot: The film "Gettysburg" gives you a rough depiction of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. It follows the tactics, people and the effect. It humanizes the men in the war, yet still shows the gruesome outcome as well as the smarts the men had while on the battlefield. The battle last 3 whole days.

Lt. General James Longstreet- Wise and old. Knows what to do on the battlefield. Scared he is not fit to lead, but he is praised by his people.

General Robert E. Lee- Does what he can for his people. Old and battle-hardened. One of the most respected generals of all time.

Maj. General George Pickett- One of the three confederate generals that led the charge under Gen. Longstreet's command. Very patriotic and supports his leader.

Brig. General Lewis "Lo" Amistad- Wants to do the best for his people and supports his state before his country. Fought in the Confederate Army.

Lt. Colonel Joshua Chamberlain- Very patriotic. Well spoken. Lead the men on a victory on the 2nd day of fighting and won the Medal of Honor for his duties.

Sgt. Buster Kilrain- Patriotic. Died on the 2nd day of fighting at Gettysburg. Shot twice, and was still holding on.

Lincoln Film Analysis

Plot: Follows Abraham Lincoln during the last few months of the American Civil War. He and his most trusted friends are working desperately trying to get the 13th Amendment passed, that states that nobody while on U.S. land can own, trade, or buy slaves legally. The ammendment passes, and Lincoln is shot a couple of days after the war is over.

Abraham Lincoln- Very funny, well liked person. Always telling stories and joking, but eventually gets down to business when it's needed.

Mary Todd Lincoln- Abraham's wife. Very protective and supports him in anything he does, but tries to make him do better and make better decisions.

Glory Film Analysis

Plot: Glory follows the very first African American regiment to participate in battle during the American Civil War. It follows Colonel Robert Shaw as he desperately tries to get his men to really show what they can do, which is what any other able white man would be able to do. You see the men in the regiment make many changes, and then use what they have learned to take Fort Wagner.

Colonel Shaw- In charge of the 54th Regiment. Narrates the film. Teaches the soldiers and wants them to do well.

Private Trip- Blunt and stubborn. Runaway slave. Very confrontational. Makes a big difference near the end of the movie.

Major Forbes- Shaw's best friend and executive officer of the 54th regiment.

Sgt. Maj. Rawlins- Father figure of the regiment. Good leader. Tries to control and contain his people and tries to do good.

Cpl. Thomas Searles- Shaw's friend. Freed slave. Able to read, the war takes a toll on him and he has to become tougher.

Personal Take

I enjoyed most of the films we watched, as though a few we're very slow and boring. I especially enjoyed Glory, and I did not enjoy Gods and Generals as much. The film was not very appealing to me, and it felt rather slow and didn't catch my attention despite the good acting.

I also feel I got a better sense of how brutal the war really was. As well as the men's lives and their duties.

Overall, I learned alot about the Civil War, much more than I thought I would be able to from watching a couple of films.