Richard Nares

The man that help to cure cancer

Richard Nares:Helping sick kids get to chemo for many children fighting cancer, it can be extremely tough to make it to their chemotherapy appointments. But Richard Nares started a group that gives them transportation and support. "No child should miss their cancer treatment due to lack of transportation," said Nares, who lost his son to leukemia in 2000.

He works as a medic. A typical working day for a medic means work all the day. A medic works in a hospital

At work, he has to cure people To be a medic you need these skills:know medicine, Know how to apply a high arm and a broad arm sling and the indications for each.

I would hate to be a medic because they have to be very patient

I would prefer to be a lawyer because my father is one and i have the genes.

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CNN Hero: Richard Nares