Rappaccini's Daughter

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On the Inside...

Giovanni's side..

"I believe that Beatrice died from her father's scientific experiments. She was beloved, not only by myself, but her father as well. The thought of Rappaccini being the cause of her death sickens me, but I know it was not intentional. Therefore, I can not hate the man, only love and thank him for the beautiful daughter he helped bring into this world."

Rappaccini's Side..

"I lost my beautiful daughter, was it my fault? There is no way to be certain. I will never know the truth, but I take the blame. I used my experiments on her to make her strong, powerful, and independent. I'll never forgive myself for the life lost of Beatrice, she was not just my daughter, she was my life. Loved and never forgotten."

More News..

Poisonous Flowers..

There is an outbreak in Rappaccini's garden. Stay clear of the property, and any people associated with the property! These poisonous flowers are fatal, and should be avoided at all cost.

Missing Cat..

Name: Jack

Description: Grey and black in color with white paws and chest, very friendly, fluffy fur, and last seen walking around the fence by Rappaccini's garden.

Please contact the news station with any information or leads.

Towns people worry..

There have been many reports from the towns people of Padua about Giacomo Rappiccini. They are worried. Rappaccini looks sickly. Could this be the same sickness that overcame his daughter Beatrice? Is he experimenting on himself now that his lab-rat daughter passed away? Police are looking into this and are starting to write up a report. Further information will be shared next week.

The Investigation..

The police of Padua have started investigating the death of Beatrice Rappiccini. They have taken her father, Giovanni, and a few of the university students into custody for questioning. They plan to get to the bottom of this case and fast. A young innocent girl lost her life, without doing a single thing wrong. "This case will be solved," says the police of Padua.