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November 2019

G r a t i t u d e

(noun) the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Did you know that saying thank you has positive effects on the person saying, “thank you.” Not only does it help to build relationships, but it is also a type of self-care. According to a 2013 study from the Harvard Business Journal, demonstrating gratitude provides people with a sense of confidence and life satisfaction. A person who says thank you more often will also experience better health and sleep. This same study also states that communicating feelings of gratitude reduces levels of anxiety as it releases dopamine and serotonin. Overall, expressing sentiments of gratitude benefits both the giver and the receiver.

Maybe it’s the cooler weather in the Fall, but November brings out feelings of coziness and gratefulness. We begin to think of those who have helped us in the past and the impact their help has given us in our time of need. Challenge yourself this month to write several thank you notes. A handwritten note has a sense of permanence and thoughtfulness. We like to keep them in old shoeboxes as sweet mementos and it’s much more personal than a thank you note sent as a gif in a text or a social media post.

Day of the Dead

When you stop by the library, you will see several altars set up in the library. We currently have four altars on display through the month of November. Thank you to the following clubs and organizations for thoughtfully putting together altars honoring your loved ones:

  • Spanish Honor Society
  • Lobo Slam Poetry
  • Chavez GSA
  • Butterfly Project

This wonderful article from the Teaching Tolerance magazine illustrates the cultural importance of Dia de los Muertos. They put it best as:

This holiday, which is distinctly different from Halloween, presents a wonderful opportunity to foster empathy among students.


Just Keep Livin'

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Thursdays & Fridays from 4 pm to 6 pm

One of the core values in Just Keep Livin' is service. With the help of Ms. Desti, our WrapAround Specialist, we had many student volunteers from Just Keep Livin' and the Interact Club assist in the mobile unit of the Houston Food Bank. While it was a very chilly Fall evening, all of our Chavez HS student volunteers were working with the most positive attitude and feelings of joy.

The mobile unit of the Houston Food Bank will come to our campus every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 3 pm to 6 pm.

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