In Favor

Brief Description Of Theocracy

This Government Is Ruled By People Who Believe In The Same Religion. (Technically Are The Head Masters Of Church.) The Laws Are Based On The Beliefs Of The Government.

The Head Of The Type Of Government

The People That Run Church's. The Powers The Leaders Get Are On The Words Of God. The Way The People Are Elected At Either Elections Or Religious Appointments.

How Laws Are Made In Theocracy And Who Is In The Legislature.

Laws Are Made Based On Religious Beliefs Or Church Policies. Ecclesiocracy is A Form Of Legislature.

Rights That The Citizens Have.

The Citizens don't really have many rights because all the rights you would get are preached at church.

Other Countries That Currently Have Theocracy

Vatican City, Afghanistan And Pakistan.

The Reason Why This Is The Best Government

The Reason Why This Is The Best Government Is Because If You Are A Person That Goes To Church All The Time Than You Would Want This Because You Believe in God And The Laws Come From The Words Of God. But If You Are Someone That Didn't Believe In God Than You Would Have To Learn To Believe In Them And That Is Something New And New Is Good Once In A While. I Am Also One That Believes In God And Jesus. That Is Why I Think Theocracy Is The Best Government.