Absence of a Parent

Wendy Gonzalez


My name is Wendy Gonzalez. I am 16 years old. I like to play soccer and my favorite position is defense. I get annoyed when my brother leaves his dishes on the table after he's done eating. Since I am the only girl it is my job to do the house work and that means picking after my brothers. I love watching make up videos because each day I learn something new. I don't like when my family comes over for family reunions because they make a mess and don't clean after themselves.

Essential Question

  • How does a child feel when a parent is absent in their lives.

I chose this question because I would like to know what others feel when one of their parents is not present in their lives. I basically want to know if we have the same point of views or are we different.

Explanation of Topic

When I chose this topic I knew that not everyone feels the same way towards the absence of a parent. I want to know more about other peoples opinions on this topic. I hope others know how it feels like when there is an absence at home. I basically want others to understand us.