The Outsiders

Written by: S. E. Hinton


This book was takes place in 1965 at Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two gangs called the "Soc's" and the "Greasers" go head to head against each other in a small city.



Ponyboy- Youngest of the Greaser gang, main character.

Johnny- Smallest one of the group, "gangs pet"

Dallas Winston- Ponyboy's oldest brother.

Sodapop Curtis-Ponyboy's other brother

Keith Matthews- Ladies man, thief.

Darrel Curtis (Darry)- Oldest of the three Curtis brothers.

How do they develop during the story?

They are always ready to help each other. Just like when Dallas helps Ponyboy and Johnny after they get into a fight with Bob from the Socs gang. He gives them dry clothes, fifty dollars, and a loaded gun.

Who would you cast to play your characters in a movie?

Matt Damon as Ponyboy

James Franco as Johnny

Liam Neeson as Dallas Winston

Patrick Swazye as Keith Matthews

Clint Eastwood as Darrel Curtis

I put all of those guys in there because they are all amazing actors.


What are the major conflicts in your book?

The Soc's and Greaser's fight for territory.

Cherry and Marcia talk to Ponyboy and Johnny but are not able to because they are two of the Soc's members girlfriends.

Point of View

What point of view is your story told in?

It is told in first person.

How does it effect the story?

It puts you in Ponyboy's perspective of how he is so close to all of the Greaser's and that he has a strong friendship with them.


What are some memorable lines in your book? Why are they effective?

"Stay gold Ponyboy."

Johnny gets hurt trying to save children in a burning church and is inside the hospital on the bed and says this quote to him.


What is theme(s) of your book?

I believe that the theme of the book was friendship.

How did the author develop the theme? Provide textual evidence.

S. E. Hinton developed the theme by stating that Jerry stays in the hospital with Ponyboy.

What is a song with a similar theme? How do they relate?

Hairy Nilsson- Best friend

It is a song about a man complimenting his best friend. Hence the name of the song "Best friend"


Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I definitely would recommend this book to a friend because it shows true friendship and that all of their friend group sticks together through everything and they are very loyal to each other.