Donner Party

A Diary of a Surivor

Connection to the Main Character

I have meany connections to the main character. Virginia Reed is a 12 year old girl, we are the same age. We have the same opinions. Virginia thought it was wrong for the outer tribes to eat the dead, I agree. Both of us have the same believes, family should always be together. We also can be totally warm, but our feet will be like icicles. Virginia Reed and I are a like in meany ways.

Connection to the Trip

I had an experience similar to Virginal Reed's traveling to California. I traveled to Chicago in a blizzard. We had to stop multiple times. Just like in the book, Virginia Reed had to stop when the blizzard hit on their way traveling to California. We both felt like we were never going to get there. At one time I thought we were going to die in a car crash. Just like how Virginia and her family were going to die. I can relate to Virginia's travailing, but mine was not as scary.