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October 2020

Principal Corner

With the weather we have been having, it really feels like fall. Of course it is unlike any that we have had in the past because of social distancing; but nonetheless beautiful. I hope you have taken advantage and gone for some walks in the foothills or greenbelt. Nature does an amazing job of teaching us that life will regenerate and can come back stronger than ever before. That is the situation that I feel we are in with our schools and systems for learning. We will all be better for this in the end. Our PTA has done an amazing job of making our staff feel valued by bringing us coffee and treats in the month of September. We so appreciate your demonstration of gratitude!

The hybrid model of learning has been a success for our k-2 students and on October 6th, we will welcome back our intermediate students. What this means is:

FIRST- Mondays will always be Virtual Learning as you have been doing since August.

  • Students with last names A-J will come to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays and Fridays, they will meet with the classroom teacher briefly virtually and will spend the remainder of the day following an individualized schedule.

  • Students with last names K-Z will come to school on Wednesday and Fridays. On Tuesday and Thursdays, they will meet with the classroom teacher briefly virtually and will spend the remainder of the day following an individualized schedule.

We ask for after school pickup that you choose a spot down the street for your child to walk to and meet up with you.

Morning - For the first day of school, grades 3 and 4 will meet out front and grades 5 and 6 will walk out back using the SOUTH entrance (behind the counselor’s office). Remember that students will not be allowed out back and that no one should be here before 8:35am AND please use the CROSS WALKS. Thanks for helping us maintain a safe environment for all.

The character trait that we will be focusing on for October is Self Discipline. The following comes from a Love and Logic article focusing on this trait.

I blew it. Impatient with some small mistake my thirteen-year-old had made, I barked, “Why don’t you just do it this way, instead? That’s not going to work.”

“Dad,” he complained, “I can do this myself.”

His irritation came to me as a surprise, but it shouldn’t have. Whining, I snipped, “Well, I was just trying to help.”

He continued, “Dad, I can figure this out myself!”

My frustration soon turned to remorse. I’d just violated all Five Principles of Love and Logic:

Mutual Dignity

“Why don’t you just do it this way, instead? That’s not going to work,” is not a good way of demonstrating respect and dignity. Silence, coupled with a loving pat on the back, would have been a far better approach.

Shared Thinking

When we become the “experts,” it rarely brings the best out of people. When we allow others to think and solve their problems, we show that we believe in their abilities.

Shared Control

Asking, “Would you like to hear what some people decide to do?” shares healthy control. Doing so also opens their willingness to learn from our guidance. Respect is earned by providing supportive suggestions—not by trying to micromanage.

Sincere Empathy

The real “solution” involves love—not lectures. It involves recognizing feelings—not providing fixes.

Loving Relationships

This fifth principle of Love and Logic plays out as a natural result of our living by the first four.

Fortunately, none of us are perfect, and none of us need to be. Admitting our mistakes, apologizing, and making improvements are all part of healthy parenting. Our children’s respect is earned when they see us growing toward what we want to become—not from them observing us pretending to be someone we aren’t.

Have a happy and safe October!

Ted Totorica, Principal

Self Discipline - October Character Trait

Here is a little presentation for the Self Discipline Character Trait that you can work on with your students.


PE Fitness Challenge for Wahooz Ticket

Dear Parents~

We, P.E. Teachers are partnering with our Jefferson Falcon student's to promote this Fit for Fun Challenge amongst our Jefferson-Falcon Community. However, this is an At-Home activity for them to complete...

Students do 20 hours of exercise outside of school during October & November to earn a FREE Classic Unlimited Wahooz Ticket ($34.99 value!) [Only one Wahooz ticket can be earned by each Jefferson Falcon student who completes and submits this form]

Students can do any kind of exercise outside of school: walking, biking, team sports, swimming, skateboarding, jumping rope & more.

Students return their completed Fitness Logs with parent signature to Mrs. Shaw or Ms. Robinson by December 4th, 2020 with no exceptions.

The student's P.E. Teachers, will collect all completed Fitness Logs that will need to be returned to Wahooz by December 11th, 2020,

Fit for Fun tickets will be mailed to schools in early January.

Click here for the coloring page below.

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PTA Meeting October 6th

PTA will be having an October meeting online through ZOOM. October 6th at 7:00 pm

If you are interested in attending, please email and they can share the meeting link with you.

Agenda will be as follows.......

  • Welcome and Introductions

    • Favorite Book

  • Principal’s Report - Ted Totorica

  • Treasurer’s Report - Meghan Splawn

  • PTA Fall Membership drive starts next week

  • PTA Spirit shirts/Masks

    • Chris update

    • Possible Falcon kind Contest?

  • Teacher Appreciation

    • September/October Updates

    • Plan for November

  • Community Garden

    • Chris and update

    • possible grant and synagogue support

  • Jefferson Community Building/Fundraising

    • Jog a thon

    • Read a thon

  • Jefferson Track

  • 6th Grade liaisons to help parents get more involved

  • Next Meeting: November 3 @ 7 PM

Boys Basketball

The School District is roughly planning on athletics after the Winter Holiday Break. However, the YMCA is trying to offer this great basketball option if your boys need an activity.
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