Grand Conversations

Strategy #16

What Does it Look Like?

Grand Conversations are small or whole group discussions about a certain book that was read. It is all student-centered with the students leading and carrying on the conversation. It allows for discovery and expression of the text's main ideas and the students' feelings related to the book.

Instructional Focus

This strategy gives the students the opportunity to participate in what looks like a real-life adult conversation about a book that they just read. This enhances oral language. It also allows students to practice their comprehension by carrying on a discussion about the book from all different angles. They also are able to pull in direct quotes from the text so that students can support their claims.

What Do They Talk About?

Grand Conversations can go in many directions including students' questions, thoughts, feelings, things that stuck out to them, and personal connections they can make with the text. When the conversation is coming to a close, teachers are able to direct conversation to aspects or topics missed from the conversation.
Grand Conversation - Kelly Jones 4th Grade East Side Elementary