Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler’s Information

Maddie’s birthday is September 30th in 2002. She was born in Murrysville Pennsylvania. Maddie has been dancing since she was 2 years old! She has 3 major “careers”. She is a actor,model,dancer. You may have seen her on the reality show called Dance Moms.

Dance Schedule

Maddie wakes up 7am just for dance. Then it only takes 15 minutes to get her hair done. She dances every day. Maddie dances about 4-5 hours every night. Maddie has 12-18 hours of dance a week. She is now home schooled to have more time to dance. It is not just dance though. Maddie and her sister Mackenzie both take tumbling classes 2 times a week along with dance.

The original dancers

These are the real girls but some quit due to money and favoritism.


Maddie has a mom and her name is Melissa Gisoni. Her real dad is Kurt Ziegler. Maddie has a younger sister Mackenzie who shares the same dad. And 2 brothers Ryan Ziegler and Tyler Ziegler. Also 2 step siblings, Michele Gisoni and Mathew Gisoni.
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Maddie's Step Dad her Sister and her Real Mom


Maddie is very talented. Her trademarks are emotional faces while dancing. Another trademark is her facial expressions. Maddie’s “jobs” take a lot of time out of her day. Maddie said “before the aldc (which is her dance company she dances for) life was less stressful”.One of Maddie’s jobs is a model. Maddie and her old co-star Chloe Lukasiak model for Glitzy Girl. Maddie also Acts and of course dances. Maddie dances for the Aldc company.
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Maddie and Chloe modeling for Glitzy Girls

Fun Facts

  • Maddie has been dancing since she was 2 years old.

  • For the first 2 days of Maddie’s life she was called Taylor

  • Maddie has won more than 12 stunning crowns from her dance competitions

  • Maddie loves lyrical and tap.

  • Maddie is the strongest in tap dancing.

  • She has appeared in a sketchers commercial for shoes.

  • Was crowned lifetime beautiful stars