By: Sam Simmons

Spice, herb, or what is it?


Where is this herb grown??

Basil originated in India, Asia, and Africa. This herb is grown in the tropical regions of the world. Now it grows all over the world and is not limited to tropical climates. You can grow your own.

What part of the plant is used? And what are the cooking uses?

Basil is in the form of leaves. Look for a deep green color and no defects such as yellowing or brown spots. The cooking uses are mainly for pesto or tomato sauces. You can also put Basil on top of salads for added flavor. Basil is used in mainly Italian foods and other Mediterranean cuisine.

Recipes that include Basil

One Interesting Fact

Basil is derived from the word "basilikohn" which refers to royal. The ancient greeks considered this herb to be only for the noble. In Italy where it is the most popular it resembles love.