Alexis Wellborn

Science Teacher

Alexis Wellborn

Hello there! I'm a science teacher at Tidwell Middle School who works to integrate technology into many aspects of the student learning experience. Science lends itself to data collection and graph creation, which are basic skills the students need, but I am looking to find ways to get students to utilize technology in a way that displays more critical thinking and research on their part (as much as you can with 7th graders, at least)!


7th grade curriculum touches on many topics that students will continue to learn about in high school Biology, from cells and body systems to adaptations and natural selection. In my 7th grade class this past year students utilized the following technology applications:

1. Google slides/Powerpoint

2. Excel

3. Publisher

4. Moodle

5. Kahoot

6. Piktochart

7. Glogster

8. Smore

9. PowToon

10. Prezi

11. SeeSaw

12. Socrative

13. Quizlet

14. YouTube

I think a lot of teachers use these though, and I want to find different applications and different ways to use the technology available to us.

Some applications I want to learn more about:

Future Goals

-To take on a leadership role within the district in educational leadership or technology

-To obtain my doctorate in educational leadership from TCU

-To become a Google Educator