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Friday, November 22, 2019

The Feast

Wow! You all are amazing! The sign-up is full and we are looking forward to having a great lunch. For those who are contributing pizza, we are planning to eat at 11:00. I will supply all the paper products. I am asking that each student bring their own decaffeinated drink. They kids can still access the cafeteria to purchase milk. Thank you!

Parent Conferences

Your parent conference reminder will come as an email directly from signupgenius. Click on the link below if you want to double check your time, change your time, or sign up.

We Have Beans!

I am going to admit it, I didn't think our plants were going to produce fruit. I love it when I'm wrong!

Other science news........the snail pull will take place on Monday! We did complete our five days of tracking the location of the crayfish. We found that only crayfish #5 seemed to set up a territory. Every day we checked, #5 was in the far left hand corner, stuck between the house and the aquarium wall. The other four crayfish were found visiting at least three of the houses.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Today we officially completed all the lessons within Unit 3! Our plan is to test on Monday. I told the kids in class today that the one thing they can do to help prepare for the test is to think about three solid strategies for comparing fractions/decimals. We have six of them listed in the classroom! The next fact quiz will be given on Tuesday, November 26th. We'll begin Unit 4 on December 2nd. Unit 4 is based on multi-digit multiplication. In this unit, students are introduced to the basic principles of multi-digit multiplication by focusing on extending multiplication skills and exploring the partial-products method. In addition, kids will use their knowledge of multiplication to find the areas of rectangles and to convert units of measurement. The Unit 4 Family Letter will come home next week.

Mr. Hart's Class ~The kids have been working on multiplication. We have worked on and will continue to work on three and four digit by one digit multiplication. This week I introduced two by two digit multiplication using a variety of different strategies. Today I introduced the traditional method of multiplication and will spend next week continuing to practice this method. I also started giving the kids a fifty fact multiplication quiz each Friday. Today the quiz was on zero through five factors, our next quiz will include sixes and sevens. When we return from break in addition to continuing to work on multiplication we will begin learning how to divide.


Picture Book Friday ~ Corra read The Watermelon Seed to us today! We decided on two possible themes. One is that things aren't always what they seem. Second, sometimes we worry about things that really aren't that big of a deal. I'm looking for a 4C guy to entertain us on December 6th!

Read Aloud ~ We finished Ruby Holler on Tuesday. It's always a let down when I finish that book. Now we're on to Because of Winn-Dixie. Another favorite!

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Important Dates

November 25th - Feast of Favorites

November 27th-29th - NO SCHOOL - Happy Thanksgiving

December 4th - Evening Parent Conferences

December 6th - Half Day of School - Parent Conferences

December 12th - Evening Parent Conferences

December 13th - Half Day of School - Parent Conferences

December 17th - Ornament Workshop

December 20th - Holiday Party - More details coming after Thanksgiving!