Eight Men Out

By: Eliot Asinof


This nonfiction book was first published in 1962 by the author, Eliot Asinof. The book starts off talking about the history of the eight players that agreed to lose the 1919 World Series against Cincinnati for money. Joesph Sullivan convinced the eight players to throw the World Series. Book goes on to talk about the struggle of the baseball players back in the day, White Sox mainly. Talking how they didnt make much money. It was easy to persuade the players to cheat, they were offered $100,000. The author goes into good detail about the five series games, inning by inning. Makes it very interesting to read. the book makes it sound like the players will get away... read it and find out they do.

Eight Men Out

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I enjoyed the book, its an excellent book about baseball. Good way to learn about the past and also problems America's Favorite Past time went through, to make it what it is today. Strongly recommend the book to males or people involved in sports, mainly baseball or softball.

Key Characters

Eddie Cicotte

Chick Gandil

Swede Risberg

Lefty Williams

Hap Felsch

Favorite Passage

"Lefty Williams was in his prime. He could throw a sharp-breaking curve ball, fast or slow, and sometimes neither. He was smart. He had that rare ability to pitch to spots with incredible skill. He could shave the outside corner of the plate at the knees, or break a curve ball right under a hitter's chin. He'd complete entire ball games without walking a man. hitters hated to bat against him; Williams would never give them a fat pitch to swing at." This is my favorite passage, just because of the detail of the pitcher and how great he truly is. I enjoy pitching. This passage reminds me of how some of the professional players now a days look like!