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Founder Everett Swanson

Rev. Everett Swanson. Born on 1904 and died on 1965 because of brain surgery. He has 1 younger sister named Julia and two older brothers named Jack and Trevor. His parents are Mathew and Susan. His dad died from cancer and his mom died of old age. He went to Princeton university.

How he began his project

When he wanted to help 35 orphaned Korean children he made a website for those 35 children so people can sponsor them and give money for their school and medicine

Pictures of compassion care's kids

How to sponsor a child

1) Go to the internet and type in

2) Push on sponsor a child.

3) Click on the child you want to sponsor.

4) You will have to fill out a form for the child you are sponsoring

Help a child today!!!

What people like about compassion care

It tells you about different kids and about parents that have kids with disableites. People have always liked how they can sponsor a child and know that it's going to a good cause. There are different buttons that you can help to rescue babies and mothers and to pay for medicine for a lot of the children instead of sponsoring.



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