1st Impressions JULY Recognition

August 5, 2013

Dear Team,

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer filled with relaxation and fun in the warm weather! I just got back from a family getaway where we all able to unwind, get out of our usual bubble, and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer living.

Of course no summer trip of mine is complete without sharing our gorgeous style with fabulous women. Stylist and Teammate Helen Plummer and I joined forces and held a super fun trunk show on Martha's Vineyard in a quaint, beautiful backyard with happy shoppers! Love mixing summer trips with a quick show: keeps the momentum going in our businesses, is tax-deductible, and is so fun to do with friends!

However you choose to spend your August, I hope you enjoy it fully and soak in the bliss of your flexible, fashionable business.


This email has been sent to my lines 1 - 7.

Our team had an AMAZING July!

With the 4th of July, summer vacations, and HOOPLA all in the mix...I'm astounded at how you all pulled off an incredible 31 days!



Alicia Hackney to Star Stylist from Cape Cod, MA!

Mairi Scott to Lead Stylist from Hamiliton, Scotland!

Kami Mace to Lead Stylist from Savannah, GA!


Level 1, 2, & 3 Earners Rocked it EARLY to get the earrings, bracelet and tote!:

Julie Lutz
Heather Stephens
Allyse Jorgenson
Meredith Goldstein

Level 1 Earners who will receive the gorgeous earrings:

Ginger Pingree
Carrie McGraw
Michelle Whitney

Stacy Mancaniello
Alicia Hackney

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich
Kim Bender
Laura Alexander
Julie Gilbert
Stephanie Gaiser
Natalie Knowles
Colleen Yoo
Helen Plummer
Sarah Pearsall
Caralee Levinson
Heather Dodge

Kathryn Caiazzo
Patty Butler

Cindy Marshall
Erin Fitzgerald
Lauren Greeley
Jo Markwick
Melissa Boyle
Erin Reichert
Michalah Burrows
Julie Berrigan
Kristen Weiss
Andrea Michaud
Paige Clairmont
Valerie Lawrence
Rima Larson
Marita Mullen
Melissa Stevens
Jane Donovan
Gillian Zanre
Rosemarie Connell
Melissa Spiers


Julie Lutz 12,488.00

Ginger Pingree 7,806.00

Heather Stephens 7,554.00

Allyse Jorgensen 7,137.00

Carrie McGraw 6,296.00

Meredith Goldstein 5,308.00

Stacy Mancaniello 5,033.00

Alicia Hackney 5,014.00

Sarah Pearsall 3,418.00

Laura Alexander 3,112.00

Michelle Whitney 3,001.00

Kim Bender 2,987.00

Aree Wichman 2,960.00

Patricia Butler 2,957.00

Hailey Potok 2,802.00

Michele Mosher 2,798.00

Jackie Glasscock 2,791.00

Kristen Weiss 2,644.00

Katherine Pratt 2,462.00

Julie Gilbert 2,431.00

Deborah Brosnan 2,346.00

And CHEERS to those who earned their Business Supply Credits! Perfect timing for our new Lookbooks!:

Erin Reichert 2,221.00

Suzette Lipker 2,195.00

Katie Dreher 2,100.00

Andrea Yanoff 2,093.00

Melissa Boyle 2,052.00

Rima Larson 1,962.00

Leemor Katz 1,936.00

Heather Dodge 1,830.00

Cynthia Marshall 1,798.00

Colleen Yoo 1,754.00

Melissa Stevens 1,749.00

Rosemarie Connell 1,733.00

Kirsty Gordon 1,716.00

Leah Freeman 1,713.00

Amy Lapine 1,706.00

Tamara Solomon 1,635.00

Melissa Spiers 1,575.00

Isabel Stover 1,560.00

Amy Leibowitz 1,556.00

Andrea Michaud 1,547.00

Kathryn Caiazzo 1,498.00

Stephanie Fahmy 1,495.00

Nina Falls 1,450.00

Tina Reilly 1,448.00

Caralee Levinson 1,410.00

Kasey Corsello 1,396.00

Helen Plummer 1,333.00

Jeanine Schultz 1,290.00

Sophie Mitchell 1,276.00

Valerie Lawrence 1,261.00

Melissa Brownell 1,253.00

Michalah Burrows 1,234.00

Kate-Lyn Lyons 1,233.00

Kristin Hakoun 1,224.00

Carina Aggor 1,187.00

Kelly Atzbach 1,158.00

Jennifer Ilk Amram 1,135.00

Stephanie Gaiser 1,093.00

Susie Pala 1,073.00

Kate Stone 1,063.00

Julie Berrigan 1,021.00

Andrea Bobke 1,002.00

Jane Donovan 989.00

Shelly Hunt 952.00

Heather Swett 952.00

Kari Becker 944.00

Paige Clairmont 917.00

Kristy Inge 875.00

Anne Manuel 859.00

Carolyn Peters 821.00

Marita Mullen 816.00

Margaret Fontecchio 809.00

Jaime Kemper 801.00

Crystal Arai 796.00

Jo Markwick 788.00

Christina Acampora 774.00

Tara Pettyjohn 734.00

Elizabeth Brooks 719.00

Molly Simms 708.00

Nicole Rieser 699.00

Elise Moran 694.00

Janice Stifler 693.00

Leigh Davenport 689.00

Holly Henderson 684.00


Monica Simanella 670.00

Robyn Flynn 660.00

Corinne Mathews 658.00

Amy Heidke 657.00

Amanda Eaton 655.00

Marnie Kamensky 652.00

janet walsh 641.00

Kelly Hall 640.00

Kathryn Orme 638.00

Rebecca Ferrick 623.00

Kami Mace 615.00

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich 603.00

Abbie Micucci 600.00

Gianna Franco 598.00

Ruth Marks 594.00

Catherine DeMello 590.00

Kelly Pinkham 590.00

Jana Graber 582.00

Nikole Fasoranti 574.00

Vanessa Young 571.00

Christine Forbes 569.00

Pamela Thomas 559.00

Natalie Knowles 549.00

Elizabeth Kitzman 548.00

Arielle Corbett 548.00

Krista Jaekle 543.00

Marie Nyland 533.00

Mairi Scott 524.00

Shawn Baldwin 522.00

Adrienne Bonds 517.00

joni santini 516.00

ryann cleary 516.00

Rebecca Meehan 513.00

Chabeli Sanchez 510.00

Deidre Rudich 509.00

Sheryll Corteza 508.00

Nova Mercan 504.00

Amy Wellman 502.00

And HUGE KUDOS to those of you who helped your new stylists qualify in July!:

Carrie McGraw US 1

Laura Alexander US 1

Heather Stephens US 1

Holly Henderson US 1

Alicia Hackney US 1

Mairi Scott UK 1

Nicole Rieser US 1

Allyson Carlow US 1

Amazing results for July and guess what, I think August is going to be even better!

Be sure to check in with our team Facebook page for further updates and support throughout the week! https://www.facebook.com/groups/224847214205727/