Queen City Ava by Christina Roth

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Hello March! Let's Go "Green" in 2015!...

Can you believe it's already March? This month I will focus on the topic of "greenwashing" in order to help you decipher between safe and unsafe products. Check out the link above and read all about Greenwashing, How to Spot It, and What to Do About It. Beware of false advertising...as much as I love to believe that all companies are in business for our best interest...I have learned that much of the advertising we see in the media is for profit and political gain. Not with Ava Anderson - we aim to share the best information and provide the best products to match!

In addition to the monthly Ava Anderson company Specials, I will continue to hold a raffle for $25 worth of products! In order to be included in the raffle, you just need to spend $25 or more in the month of March (the price of a candle, the anti-frizz serum, or two deodorants...so many options!). Stay tuned to www.facebook.com/QueenCityAva this week for February's winner!

Spread the word about Queen City Ava, make a purchase this month, and see my Facebook page for more details if you are interested!

Remember...Ava always says, "it's all about the ingredients."

Have a great month,

Christina Roth

REORDERS: If you would like to reorder anything or make new purchases via the website, please use Party ID# 52832 when checking out. Thanks!!

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Queen City Ava by Christina Roth

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder a couple years ago I launched a personal plan to eliminate unnecessary environmental and lifestyle concerns. I began with my food choices and since learning about Ava Anderson I have been able to take on the toxins in my life. Share what you learn here and please contact me for questions or product feedback!

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As always, I am thankful for your continued interest and support of my Ava Anderson Non Toxic business! My long term goal is to expand my circle and reach new faces in order to spread more avaNews about becoming toxin-free! If you know of someone who might be interested in learning more about Ava Anderson Non Toxic, hosting an avaHour, joining the company - or just receiving a catalog in the mail - please forward this newsletter to them! To thank you for spreading the word, all current customers who refer a new customer will receive an automatic $5 off their March order...yup, just for sharing the news with someone else!

Healthy Respect Disclaimer:

I am an advocate for safe, non-toxic products and hope to share this message with everyone I meet. I promise to only send one main newsletter a month, to respect your email space. However, you may unsubscribe at any point in time (I will be sad to see you go!).

Ava Anderson Non Toxic products do not claim to heal, cure, or treat medically diagnosed conditions (although, you may be happily surprised once you begin using the products!). All outside articles and websites are unaffiliated with Ava Anderson Non Toxic.