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EMERALD SKETCH presents: What if all the Guns in the World Only Shot Rainbows?

ARTS Walk 2015 Celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a Joyful Bang
BACKBAR EXHIBIT, 347 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

BACKBAR: Shooting Strangelove Opening

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 6-9pm

BACKBAR 347 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, United States

Exhibit will be on display:

Friday, October 2nd - Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Requesting Artists and Art therapists to prepare works of art for silent auction of which all proceeds will contribute to Emerald Sketch for Art therapy Trauma Response.

Small to medium works prepared for wall hanging suit the exhibit space,
or outdoor sculptures self standing

Space limited according to submissions

To contribute work please contact:

Javier Magri
or Nicole Porter

Subject Title: Shooting Strangelove

Works will be expected for drop off at:
347 Warren Street
Thursday, October 1, 2015

or alternate arrangements made be agreed upon

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

"What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?"

A five year old survivor of the Sandy Hook School Tragedy asks this question of an Emerald Sketch art therapist toward the end of a ninety minute art therapy process a few months following the horrifying massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

After creating a wonderful world of clay, the scene is a swimming pool with family members all having a nice time together. A very tall fence surrounds the swimming pool, and beyond the fence is an even higher mountain. On top of that mountain stands a large gunman. The child assures the therapist, "The people are all ok because all the bullets he is shooting are going over the swimming pool and landing on the other side."

Joining the child and preparing them for secure transformation, the art therapist gently asks the young child, "What if the gun shot something other than bullets? What else could this gun shoot instead of bullets?"

The child for a moment looks puzzled and the two continue to play non verbally, as only a few moments pass the child looks to the art therapist and asks, "What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?'

Looking into that child's eyes she repeats, "What if all the guns in the world only shot rainbows?" The child takes a breath and whispers, "It would tickle." Continuing to mirror the two reenact being hit in the belly with rainbows and falling over in laughter.

Though the art therapy process may never change the actual traumatic experience each individual survives, art therapy is evidenced to transform how each child or adult feels in the moment when processing tragic traumatic memories.

An important and new phase in the Emerald Sketch Mission is to now establish the funding to complete an Art therapy Response Treatment Manual specifically geared for responding to mass community massacres. This guidebook will be made available to Creative Arts therapists with Phases of Training Post Community Trauma and as a Preventive measure.

After working in the clinical trenches for eighteen months following the Sandy Hook School tragedy and assuring art therapy services for the Newtown, CT community it has become evidently clear that the Emerald Sketch knowledge gained is unique and essential to pass forward to Creative Arts therapists, Psychotherapists, Artists and Community Leaders throughout the United States and internationally. To date the Emerald Sketch provides a variety of response support to art therapists in the following regions due to personal inquiries for help:

Newtown, CT: Post Sandy Hook School
Gurgaon, New Delhi, India: Request Need for Overall Trauma support
Paris, France: Post Charlie Hebdo Attack
New York, New York: Ongoing Post individual shootings
Charleston, South Carolina: Post Emanuel A.M.E. Church Tragedy

Funds also contribute to Art therapy Response Team trainings in Charleston, South Carolina throughout this Fall and Winter, as well as group workshops for children and families in Newtown, CT.