Hold Still

Nina LaCour

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Caitlin and Ingrid were inseparable. They were best friends. They shared the love of photography and had the most amazing times together. At the end of the year when ingrid commits suicide, Caitlin is asking, "why?" They had so much fun together, life was amazing around each other, so why? Everyone is devastated by her death, but no one is as sad as Caitlin. Every thing is reminding her of Ingrid weather its something they did together or something they will never be able to do together. But Caitlin finds all the answers after finding Ingrid's journal under her bed. It it full of letters that explains everything. Her feelings, what she was going through, and why she killed herself, its like one big suicide letter. Ingrid wasn't happy. It wasn't anyones fault, but she just wasn't happy. Some of the letters are to Caitlin telling her to stay strong and that it wasn't Caitlin's fault at all that she killed herself. This helps pull Caitlin out of the hole Ingrid put her in. It helps her make new friends, go back to photography, and find love. The journey that Caitlin goes through even impacts the reader. This is a touching book yet also powerful.

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“I’ll make a swing so I can reach the places I can’t reach yet."

Caitlin used this quote near the end of the book. It shows hope for her and that she is moving on from ingrid as ingrid wanted her to. Even if she is not completely fine, she will still try her hardest to be better. She is telling how she is not depressed or in a hole, but coming out like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.